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Veggies…. August 19, 2012

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I love Veggies!! Carrots, lettuce, peas, all sorts of veggies!!

My girl and her family now eat nothing but veggies!! They are now vegan, Tucker doesn’t like it cause they don’t get hot dogs and hamburgers and share them with him anymore.

I keep trying to tell my girl that I want to be a plant strong doggie!! But, she says doggies need to eat meat to be healthy.

Well….OK….maybe she will share some of her yummy veggies with me though. That would be nice. I’m gonna go and ask



Last installment of find the pet!

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Last installment of find the pet… Find the pet hiding in this picture, name the type of pet it is and bonus points if you know the pet’s name!! Good luck, this one is a hard one!!


2nd round of Find the Pet August 18, 2012

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How about another round of find the pet…. again find the pet, guess the species and bonus points if you can tell me their name….let the fun begin!!!



Here’s Milo August 17, 2012

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Thank you for playing find the pet today…For all who guessed you are correct that it is a dog (Dachshund), yes he was behind the pillow to the left. This is Milo my “mom’s” mom dachshund, he is staying with us for a bit till my “mom’s” mom starts feeling better.


Find the pet!! August 16, 2012

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I thought it would be fun to play a game…. Here is today’s picture…..Find the pet that is hiding, guess where the pet is and what speices it is….bonus points if you can name the pet!! Good Luck!!


Spring…ish April 8, 2012

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How on earth is it possible for cooler weather to thin my perfectly thick coat?? Though I will admit I did look a bit…plump, I would have never have on my own free will gotten rid of my winter coat!

But spring does have its pluses. The irritating chirping of fledgling birds, the young tender shoots, and mostly pleasant skies have filled my heart and mind with wonderful new schemes and has brought to mind my youthful days.

The kittens…well, let’s just say they have a spring in their step. I want to kill them.

There has been some hustle and bustle of late as the warmer weather sets in. I prefer to sit back and bite a few fingers. Ah, what more could I want? Besides the world, of course.

I must be off. Important business to attend to. You may leave now. Immediately. This instant.

Her Royal Highness,


P.S.  A message to all you people who breed kittens just because they are fun and cute: You are all idiots. If you are not trying to preserve our noble heritage and innate evilness, you are no good. Give the Animal Kingdom a break, and stop. Seriously.


Torture Day…. March 27, 2012

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I do not know what is up with these humans. We had a lot of rain and suddenly our humans had the  stupididst  idea ever! They decided that they would give Smokey and I a BATH in the kitchen sink!!

I should have known something was up when I smelled Smokey and he smelled CLEAN!

I tried to hide, but my human found me. She picked me up and took me into the kitchen. I squirmed, I didn’t need a bath! I wasn’t dirty! (Ok maybe I was kinda dirty, but it wasn’t so bad that I needed a bath!) She placed me in the sink saying, “Look Nala, you don’t have worry about falling down the drain, it’s covered.” Yeah, like that’s what I was worried about!

I tried to squirm out of her grasp and run away but Cat called her mom and her mom held me tight. I still tried to squirm away and Cat’s mom gave me that look. It was the no-nonsense look.

I stopped trying to get away. but I was not happy and I let Catherine know it by shivering and whining quietly. She didn’t listen, (or she ignored me) and gave me a bath anyway.

Why must the humans torture us this way? Why are forced to endure being soaked and shampooed??  Why?? Can anyone explain the humans insanity?

A curious and sweet smelling,


P.S. No pictures were taken due to the fact that everyone’s hands were either full or wet. I’m glad they didn’t take any pictures!!