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Introducing Rosie to the pack…cont. December 5, 2016

Filed under: Tucker ( The Great Dane) — packofchaos @ 11:04 pm


Introductions to Tucker and TinkerBelle went smoothly. Rosie was a little silly and jumped on Tuckers back, Tucker being the great dog that he is, just turned and barked once which surprised poor Rosie and she jumped down. She has tried that with TinkerBelle and I have had to intervene and let Rosie know that is not ok. Rosie is a very smart pup but very stubborn, so we are still continuing to work on her not jumping on the big dogs.

Seeing how rambunctious she is with the big dogs we decided to introduce her to the small dogs the next day, plus it was getting dark outside. Smokey the Mini Dachshund has to be introduced on a walk. My youngest daughter has to take the new pup on a walk to let Smokey know that the new pup is ok.



One Response to “Introducing Rosie to the pack…cont.”

  1. chasysuzsoup Says:

    It is nice to read your adventures once more!

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