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I is so happy! July 25, 2010

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Guess what!

grandma did a crazy thing by moving all the rooms around

my mommy gots her own room,

she don’t have to share a room with the meanie rat dog anymore

I gets to play and run in mommys room

Guess what else!!!!

I gets to sleep in mommys bed!!!

I love it so much its big and soft !!!

There is just one problem the mean kitty likes to be in my room!!

Mommy puts her out of MY room at night so I won’t mess with her


 I like my new room!


                            ~KoDa BeAr~



Gentle Leader June 16, 2010

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On Mounday me, mommy, grandma, and big bubba Tucker went on a walk by the river

I was so excited I pulled and pulled

mommy didn’t like me pulling, she said if I pulled 1 more time she would put a Gentle Leader on me

I didnt know what that was so, I pulled

All of a sudden mommy STOPPED, she pulled this black thing out of her pocket

then she put it on my face!

I did NOT like it one bit (maybe I should have listened to mommy)

After a little bit it was okay(I figured if I didnt pull it wouldn’t feel weird)

 At the end of the walk mommy said I did Good! I love my mommy!

                   ~KoDa BeAr~

   Me & MY Mommy


I is grounded! June 5, 2010

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guess what?

I is grounded!

I have to stay in my crate

It’s not fair!

I don’t like it!

I have to sleep in my down-stairs crate with grandma watching me!

I don’t like it, I can’t be with my mommy!


                                                   ~KoDa BeAr~

Note from koda’s mommy

koda got netured on monday so he has to be in his crate while he heals up


Pool Play May 27, 2010

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Guess what I found??

Can you guess?!?!


Okay i will tell you. . .


did you know that you can play in a pool?!?

First i thought it was a big drinking bowl

then big brother Tucker showed me what to do!

I like the pool!

I can run, jump, splash, and drink the water all at the same time!

I love Pools!

                                                                                       ~KoDa BeAr~


Koda’s Frog May 20, 2010

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So yesterday mommy let me play outside

I wanted to play in the mud but mommy wouldn’t let me

so I went looking for somthing else to do

then i smelled this really good smell, so i followed my nose

i was diggin and diggin and diggin

then I FOUND IT!!

It was a froggie !! So i grabed it in my mouth to show mommy what i found

but mommy said EWWWW, DROP IT, KODA NO!!!

(I just wanted to show her what i found, whats the harm in that?)

So i dropped the dead froggie like mommy told me to

but not without eating one of the froggies legs.

YUMMY that sure was good!


                                                       ~KoDa BeAr~

P.s if you have some froggies . . Can i PLEASEEE have it?


Not Fair! May 13, 2010

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So yesterday was the big horse’s birthday,(he is 1 year old)

for breakfast they (Tucker & the little’s) gotted lamb leg!

It was NOT FAIR!

you know what I had, Just guess!

I had that stinkin, no taste, dry, crunchy, hard and boring KIBBLE!!!

can you believe that?!?

What do they think I am to eat THAT!?!

BUT mommy says i’m a good boy to eat all my food

So I guess it’s not THAT bad

                                                       ~KOda BeAr~


Bed jumpies!!

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The other day mommy let me in her room with NO leash

I has so much fun,

I was jumping from auntie catherine’s bed to mommy’s bed

 back & forth  & back & forth  & back & forth

It was SOOOOO much fun!!!!

mommy let me rest on her bed, while she fixed mine cause it was messy

mommy says when i’m older that I can sleep in her bed!!!

I would like that (sleeping with mommy)

gotta go . . . mommy calls . . . .

                                                            ~KOda BeAr~