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Doctor Visits July 12, 2011

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I have now gone to the Doctor’s office twice with my girl. (The picture is me on my first visit)

When we got to the Doctor’s today, I layed at Catherine’s feet and waited for the Doctor to call her back.

  After ahwile I noticed that Catherine was about to have dizzy spell so I stood up and made sure she didn’t have any ideas of getting up out of that seat.

Once her dizzy spell was over I layed back down and continued the wait for the Doctor. It felt like waited forever!

Eventually the doctor called Catherine back, i helped her to stand then started leading her to one of the rooms. I got a little confused and almost went into the wrong room but Catherine told me where I was supposed to go.

In what Catherine told me is the examination room, I was again placed in a down stay.

I watched the Doctor exmaine Catherine and tried to be on my Best Behaviour. I got up a couple times but Catherine reminded me what I was supposed to be doing and so back down I would go.

When the appointment was over Catherine told me that I did a really good but that when she tells me “Down” I need to stay down untill released. Mom told me and Catherine that I did very good, I only got up a couple times and I allowed the Doctor to pet me.

  It’s hard work being a Service Doggie, and it makes me tired so I am going to go take a nap.


Falling down on the job…. June 23, 2011

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My girl fell on Monday and Mom had to take her to the hoss-pit-a-bull.

She had one of her dizzy spells and fell down and hit her head….

and where was I, you might ask…. well…. I hate to admit it but….

I was …. ummmmm…..   chasing the kitties    watching the kitties. Yea, thats it.

In my defense my girl didn’t let me know she was going downstairs, she said she was feeling fine.

As soon as she yelled for mom I went running down to see what was up ( I even pushed Mom out of the way).

Well it certainly wasn’t my girl… infact she was down.

I knew she was pretty bad off and I couldn’t figure out if I should help her up or make her stay down there on the floor.

She asked for my help up so I did help her…. I just knew she needed to get to mom fast so I tried to fly up the stairs with her.

She wasn’t moving so fast though, Once she was up the stairs I helped hold her up so she wouldn’t fall again.

I then helped her to the chair and watched over her closely. She was tired and Mom kept trying to keep her awake.

Mom even called Mema so I knew it was bad…. see Mema use to work on people in an am-bee-lance van.

Mema told mom to take her to the hoss-pit-a-bull….. I didn’t want mom to take her there… it sounded scary and mom said I would have to stay home with dad!! Not that dad’s a bad guy or anything infact he is quit fun but I knew my girl needed me.

After what seemed like days ( it was only really a couple of hours) my girl came back home…. the doctors said she was fine.

Humphhh what do they know??? So I had to check her out from head to toe!! Ok, she was fine just a little sore.

I haven’t let my girl out of my sight since… I am sure not going to let that happen again!!

I’ll  just let the silly smokey dog go chasing the kitties from now on.


I is a service Dog… June 12, 2011

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Ok so some peoples know that I is a service doggie but some peoples don’t understand how I became a service doggie or what a service doggie does.

When mom went  and got me as a puppy I was gotten as a pet for da whole family.

Mom was the one who worked with me da mostest. She taught me all sorts things that make people happy.

Mom said because I was going to be a big doggie that I had to be well socialized and meet new things when I was a pup.

During this time when I was about 10 months old my girl started getting dizzy and falling down.

I started noticing her on da ground…. the first time she fell I thought she wanted to play with me.

I smelled her and something smelled really off to me….. I could tell that she didn’t want to play that she was sickie.

So I started keeping on eye on her when this sickie would try to come on her I stayed by her side.

Once I tried to catch her as she was falling but that didn’t work she fell any ways and bounce right off of me!!

So being the smart dane that I is I used my head, When I noticed that she was going to have a dizzy spell I would gently lean into her and put my head down. I would stay with her untill the dizzy spell left her.

As my girls sickie got worse I noticed another smell, It starts in her legs. I let her know that she is not going to be able to move by smelling her legs and staring at her. I don’t quit staring untill she acknowledges that I am staring at her. It makes me and her sad when I let her know this so she tells me “ok” very softly and dat I am a good boy for warning her.

Sometimes she gets this heavy feeling in her legs and it is hard for her to walk so I stays close to her for her to lean on.

I have learned how to pick up stuff off da ground for my girl so that she does not have to bend over…. bending over and her do not agree…. when she bends over she gets real dizzy and then she falls down.

My girl and I have had lots of training learning how to communicate together. I know some people think that being a service dog is easy but it is a lot of work. I have had to learn where to step so that I can support my girl best and not hurt myself. I am still learning all sorts of new things to help my girl.

Mom says that if it was not for me going all the places and seeing everything that I did as a pup that I would not of made such a good service doggie.