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Gordon, Emily, and Saphira April 26, 2010

*Mom’s Note

Gordon and Emily are our 2 new kitties.

They are part of the spay and release program. Their mom Shay was from a lady that had a cat colony in her back yard that she fed.

The lady was able to trap Shay when her kittens were 3 days old. Our family took the mom and her 4 kittens and brought them to our house. Our family has worked hard at raising the kittens to help them to adjust to living in a house. When the kittens were 9 weeks old we then spayed Shay and sent her to a farm to live out the rest of her life. One kitten was adopted by family where she will get spayed and live the luxurious life as a spoiled house-cat. We are still in search for a home for the other kitten ,Deliah and until that home is found she will stay with us.

Please enjoy the adventures of Gordon and Emily as we welcome them to the pack of chaos.

April 16,2011


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