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Spring…ish April 8, 2012

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How on earth is it possible for cooler weather to thin my perfectly thick coat?? Though I will admit I did look a bit…plump, I would have never have on my own free will gotten rid of my winter coat!

But spring does have its pluses. The irritating chirping of fledgling birds, the young tender shoots, and mostly pleasant skies have filled my heart and mind with wonderful new schemes and has brought to mind my youthful days.

The kittens…well, let’s just say they have a spring in their step. I want to kill them.

There has been some hustle and bustle of late as the warmer weather sets in. I prefer to sit back and bite a few fingers. Ah, what more could I want? Besides the world, of course.

I must be off. Important business to attend to. You may leave now. Immediately. This instant.

Her Royal Highness,


P.S.  A message to all you people who breed kittens just because they are fun and cute: You are all idiots. If you are not trying to preserve our noble heritage and innate evilness, you are no good. Give the Animal Kingdom a break, and stop. Seriously.


Torture Day…. March 27, 2012

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I do not know what is up with these humans. We had a lot of rain and suddenly our humans had the  stupididst  idea ever! They decided that they would give Smokey and I a BATH in the kitchen sink!!

I should have known something was up when I smelled Smokey and he smelled CLEAN!

I tried to hide, but my human found me. She picked me up and took me into the kitchen. I squirmed, I didn’t need a bath! I wasn’t dirty! (Ok maybe I was kinda dirty, but it wasn’t so bad that I needed a bath!) She placed me in the sink saying, “Look Nala, you don’t have worry about falling down the drain, it’s covered.” Yeah, like that’s what I was worried about!

I tried to squirm out of her grasp and run away but Cat called her mom and her mom held me tight. I still tried to squirm away and Cat’s mom gave me that look. It was the no-nonsense look.

I stopped trying to get away. but I was not happy and I let Catherine know it by shivering and whining quietly. She didn’t listen, (or she ignored me) and gave me a bath anyway.

Why must the humans torture us this way? Why are forced to endure being soaked and shampooed??  Why?? Can anyone explain the humans insanity?

A curious and sweet smelling,


P.S. No pictures were taken due to the fact that everyone’s hands were either full or wet. I’m glad they didn’t take any pictures!!


Greetings January 28, 2012

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Hello, my name is Saphira Vervada. I am the sibling Gordon and Emily failed to mention. I am what you might call the Black Cat of the family, but what that really means is that I have a lot of fun.

My person is Brittany. Tigerlily does not like sharing; frankly, neither do I. I really do think something should be done about this. Cloning? No, that won’t do.

So, anyhoo…how does one write a blog? I hope I do it right.

I am a nine month old glossy black feline with bright yellow eyes and a few white hairs on my chest, but you can’t really see them, so I won’t talk about them any more.

I like to play and do mean things to the dogs…especially my Ninja Kitty Attack to Tucker. I like to get into the humans’ food when they’re not looking, cuddling is nice too. But destroying stuff and scaring people is what I do best.

More later,


“Thousands of years ago, cats were worshiped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.”          -Anonymous


We are back January 27, 2012

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We were without the computer machine for a bit. So sorry for our hiatus.

There has been so much going on I am not sure I can even catch you up, but I will try…..

We now have 3 kitties Gordon and Emily’s sister Saphira has come to stay with us. Also I have a new sister…. Her name is TinkerBelle.  Mom and Dad rescued her from the humane society. She is a black Great Dane and she only weighed 53 pounds when they got her. She should of weighed closer to 80 pounds.

Mom’s oldest girl came back to live in the house and she looked like she had swallowed a watermelon…. one day she left and when she came back she looked normal and she brought a new squeakie toy…. ok not really, I did think it was one though, turns out it is a very small human that squeaks!

Well that is all for now. Keep a look out for more post from the pack of chaos.



New Recipe July 21, 2011

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Tiger Lily decided to help us in the kitchen by creating this new recipe….

Kitty Stew?!?!


*No kitties were harmed in the making of today’s blog.


Talk about me

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Hello, It’s Emily again. Since I am a calico kitty I have been getting more spots all over my body.

I have been sleeping a whole lot more over the past week, and grandma gave me and Gordon this really good canned cat food.

Then she stopped feeding us that stuff. Nothing really happened this week so this is the end of this blog.

See you later!!!


The Mouse July 16, 2011

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  ARRGGHH! Those despicable Kittens are still here! Well, only two of them, but that’s just as bad. And oh, they just act SO cute for the humans, all stupid and cuddly. Have they no respect for themselves??

  Apparently not. I am sure that unto their dying day they will still be sucking up to MY Servants. Hmph, you would think that even something of their intelligence level would know by n0w that I’m the one that rules THIS roost!

  Anyways, a drastic event has occured.(*Dramatic gasp from audience*)  A mouse has treppassed onto my property! The stupid little creature seems to think that the Closet where the Servants store my food is rodent-friendly. *Sniff*, I should think not.

  The Main Servant(the dogs reverently -and stupidly-refer to her as Alpha or Mom. I know better.)discovered it. All the other, lesser, animals were gathered around the Closet, listening to her scream her human scream. Hmph, and they call US scaredy-cats?

  I excuse the weak minded canines for not seeing the mouse and exterminating it(even Nala, the Renowned Mouser IG), but honestly, if the Kittens’ eyesight is anywhere as good as mine they would have seen it! So, right now I am spitting mad at the lazy Kittens and furious at the Mouse for entering the house without MY permission. Honestly, I do take bribes you know…

  P.S. It appears to me that you humans don’t seem to recoginize the importance of windows to us cats. So how’s this: IF YOU DON’T KEEP WINDOWSILLS AROUND, WE WON’T KEEP YOU AROUND!

                                                                                                               Your Tyrant Queen, Tigerlily