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Queen Tiger Lily April 24, 2010

Oh wow my own blog, oh such an honor! It will be so fantastic!

Wait.What did you say?

I have to share?! WITH DOGS!!!???

What  idiot made that plan?

Ugghh. Sorry. You will also have to read the dogs entrys,though you wont find it as intriguing as mine.

Well,you have to read a description of me if you want to understand why i am the most beautiful cat in the universe.

I am a wonderful,smart,amazing,and way better than you cat.

My fur is a light gray(almost white)at my paws,belly and throat but then as it gets higher my fur turns darker while the tip of my tail is almost black. I have the most gorgeous yellow eyes and very sharp teeth,so watch it.

And whatever the stupid humans say I am NOT fat!

I have seven servants and one court jester,but for some reason he calls himself a dauchsund-whatever that is,but he is a dog and all cats know that they arent very bright.My throne is in the royal kitchen,in case you need me, but i am not there all the time, I am a very busy cat,taking over the world can take up your time.


Whoever attemps to touch me or even be near me when I am NOT  in the mood for it will most likly lose a finger.

I must leave, Plotting Total World Domination doesnt leave you with much time to spare.

P.S.    ADVICE: If you want to be queen just let everyone know your in charge and dont be afraid to bite someone.



2 Responses to “Queen Tiger Lily”

  1. Aunt Autumn Says:

    After all of the years of messing with you I still have all of my fingers. LOL

  2. Aunt Autumn Says:

    Ok thats scary it looks like she is thinking you look good and I will eat you if you don’t put down your camera and feed me…NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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