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TinkerBelle January 27, 2012


My name is TinkerBelle Xylem! I was adopted by this family from the Kansas Humane Society. It was OK, there, I guess. I didn’t really care for the food. I like it here though! I have a big brother and little kitties to chase and lots and lots of food!

Oh, how I love food…

This is somewhere around my fifth or sixth home. I was dropped off at the Humane Society when I was six weeks old along with my brothers and sisters. We were super skinny and had alot of health problems. I was adopted out, but then brought back as an “unwanted gift.” Who wouldn’t want ME?

The rest of about six months was a series of foster homes, stays at the shelter, not-so-permanent-homes, more Humane society, and finally here.

I like it here. Everyone is always saying how much they love me and that this is my forever home. I hope so.

My new mom called my old dad’s girlfriend to tell her that this family adopted me, and wanted to let them know that I was doing fine. She didn’t really care. But now I am here, and happy. My family is training me to be a thearapy dog and I am starting to do obediance and agility at 4-H. I have my own bed, and lots of toys, and yummy raw food, and kids to play with.

I like it here.




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