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Tucker April 26, 2010

Hello world, My name is Tucker, I am a Great Dane.

 I am one of those all natural Danes. I still have my dew claws and my ears did NOT get chopped.

Ouch, that hurts my poor head just thinking about that!

I am what some humans call blue in color with white tips on all four paws and little white hairs on the tip of my tail.

I also have a white stripe that runs down my chest, starting at my collar and ending near my tummy.  I have dark gray eyes that almost match my fur color. I am 33 1/2 inches tall (measured at my shoulders) and weigh 105 pounds.

Even though I am what some would call a Giant I am still very much a puppy and still have some growing to do.

All the dogs are my friends, but they do not like to play with me. They say I is too big and have huge Elephant paws.

I try to show them that they are not so big by standing up on by backs legs and I aways end up crashing down and that sends my friends running. So, I am trying not to do that so much.

 I is a smart Dane because I get to go to school with my humans. Well, really all us dogs here do.

We all have our beds near our human handlers. See our humans stay home to be schooled and don’t have to go somewhere to be schooled. Which I am truly happy about because I don’t like to be left alone, At all.

Gotta go now and find my favorite toy, my stuffed puppy and take my nap.

Catch ya later.


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