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We are back December 4, 2016

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christmas-dogsI had this crazy idea to start this blog again. It will be a little bit different. instead of it coming from the pets point of view, I will write about our daily life and how we humans and animals alike get along. When I started this blog I was homeschooling 5 kids and as part of their writing assignment I had them write from their pet’s point of view. Now I am only homeschooling 2 teenagers.

The pack has changed a bit in our hiatus. We have added a bunny named Pink Penny and a bird ( a conure of sorts) named Solo. We also have 2 new dogs a Chinese Crested Powder Puff Named Mowgli Clyde. We have had him for 2 years now. He is 2 years old.

We also have a new pup named Rosie “Bud” Quartz. She is a German Shepard, American Bulldog mix. We are estimating her age to be about 6 months old. I was trying to re-home her for my daughter’s friend who had Rosie since she was about 8 weeks old. They were about to take her to our local animal shelter because she killed 6 of their chickens. I know what our local shelter would do with a high strung “bully” breed that has already killed chickens and I did not want to see her put down without giving her a chance, so we took her in. I thought I had found her a good home that was willing to work with her and without them giving me reason the did not show up. We have decided as a family to try and work with and train her. So this might end up being a lot about her for now.

I have had people ask me how we introduce a new animal into our pack…each one is different. So I will let you follow along as you see how we introduce Miss Rosie into our pack. The first day we put the little dogs ( Nala, Smokey, and Mowgli) into their crates. Tucker and TinkerBelle are out and about to meet Rosie. Rosie was brought in on leash. She had lived with another dog (German Shepard) so she was use to big dogs. Tucker and TinkerBelle are my most laid back dogs that I have. They are also the best trained so I was not worried about their introductions.


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