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Hi, Folks! June 27, 2011

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  Hi, folks! It’s me, Smokey! Oh, wait, you already knew that…oh well.

  Anyways, I’m sure you’ve heard of Honey’s Dancing With the Doggie Stars Competition, I didn’t compete, though I’m sure I would have had the entire audience charmed with my antics. Tucker and Nala entered though, and, to tell you the truth, I’m glad Nala didn’t win, she’s already a bit big for her britches. And did you hear? A dauchsund won the competition! Ha! What do you think of that? I noticed though, that Nala got lots of yummy treats during her training for it, so maybe I’ll reconsider these leg-weaves Brittany is trying to teach me…

  I went to the vet a couple of weeks ago, worst day of my life! I had broken out in what my people call “hives”. The vet person touched me all over and kissed me to make it all better, then I tried to jump off the table to get to the treats she always gave me, but since they don’t know what I’m allergic to, she decided not to! Hmmpphh.

  The Cat girl got a bumpy on her head a few days ago, and had to go to the human vet to make it better. I barked in Tucker’s face a bit, telling him it was all his fault and that he’s just a big baby. He was so sad, he didn’t even get insulted!

  Brittany has been volunteering at some humane society place, whatever that is. All I know is, she comes home smelling like other dogs, and I don’t like that one bit, because she is my girl. But she says not to worry, that I am her goofy, silly, perfect boy, and she couldn’t ask for anything else.



Bath Day July 31, 2010

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So, a few days ago, Brittany came up to me and said,”You’re gonna get a bath.”

She picked me up then put me in the tub!

She turned the water on and was spraying me with the weird hose thingy!

I got WET!!

I stood really quietly in the water.

Brittany kept telling me what a good boy I was.

Which I don’t understand. I wasn’t doing anything, just standing.

Then I got soapy stuff rubbed all over me!    AAAAHHHH!!!!

Do humans not know how much time and energy it takes to get dirty?!

and there she was washing all the dirt away!

It kinda of tickled, then she started to rinse it off.

Nala was watching it all, looking horrified.

I tried to tell her it was all ok, but she would not listen.

Finally, Brittany turned off the water and told me to shake. I did.

And then she told me to put my front paws on the side of the tub, I did.

Then she picked me up with a big warm towel.

While Brittany was drying me off, Nala was getting washed.

Brittany kept trying to towel dry me.

All I wanted to do was run around the house telling everyone that I survied!!

But, Nooooo Brittany managed to catch me again.

She told me it wasn’t good to run around all wet.

When Nala was done being washed Catherine told her to shake.

She vibrated instead.

Catherine told her to put her front paws up, she did.

After our bath we went outside and played of course.

Soon we both got nice and dry, and then we snuggled with our humans.


ball jail April 28, 2010

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Someone stuck this poor helpless yellow ball in ballie jail.

I know I am a little guy but, I was bound and determine to set it free.

I took the risk and was captured on video… Free the ball!


my humans April 26, 2010

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I really dont have just one human.

Each one of them has a special place in my heart.

The littlest guy Adam is like a firecracker. He has bright orange hair and is always on the move.

I try to help mom by keeping an eye on him.

Sometimes he goes running through the house ( which is a no-no) so I have to yell at him to Stop.

But once we go outside the chase is on! Him and I just love chasing each other.

Then there is Dean… Oh boy can he throw a ball.

I think he loves the ball as much as I do.

He always smells like outside and always keeps dirt under his nails just in case we might need it.

oh oh and then there is Britt. She is what mom calls my handler.

She takes me on walks and works on teaching me more fun games and then gives me treats!

Eventhough she knows I love the ball the bestest of all, I do play other games with her.

She doesn’t feed me though because she does not like meat (raw or cooked)!!!!

So mom does not make her handle my food.

Oh joy I get to sleep with her now.

She use to have her bed way up in the sky but dad fixed it and now its on the floor like a normal bed

so I gets to sleep with her now.

I think moms upset cuz I am not sleeping with her anymore. She always stayed up too late for me anyways.

Ok we also have Cat (catherine) she is so sweet (most of the time) but she is scary when she gets mad, which I am glad to say doesn’t happen very often ( i thinks its happen 2 times in my whole life)

She is nala’s human.

Nala is nice to share her human with me when she lays down or during movie time.

She trys to throw the ball for me but she gets tired so quickly.

oh and of course there is Elyssia, she is mom’s oldest girl here.

She is kinda of lonely.

I know she misses her kitty, Zepher who just left for some bridge.

I tried to find him for her but I couldn’t!

I miss that kitty he was my friend. We use to play chase with each other.

I know I don’t ever want to go to that bridge cuz it sure made all of my humans sad.

Elyssia is really sweet she just acts grouchy sometimes.

I think it’s cuz she does not get enough time with me throwing the ball.

I keep trying to get her to play ball with me but………

 she is sooooo  busy with her new puppy and going to someplace that smells like pizza.

I do love it when she comes home from the pizza smelling place smelling like all the yummy pizzas.

Then there is this big smelly guy. He isn’t here much but when he comes home he scares me.

I have to get past all those different smells to finally figure out that its just the dad guy.

Once I find out its him then I get all excited because he knows where the balls are hidden.

He likes to throw the ball for me so I love him.

Now of course I should not leave out mom.

She is the leader of the pack. Everyone Knows this!!

She is always busy checking on everyone and telling them what to do and making sure it gets done.

She seems to not be so happy as she was last year.

Last year was a rough one on her (because of the house fires)

See at night she talks to me.

I just give her kisses and tell her its going to be alright and that she just needs more play time.

I am trying to get dad to find her a special ball cuz I know thats all she needs to be happy.

But dad just hasn’t figured it out yet.

Hopefully he will read this and figure it out!

Dad, Mom needs a play ball!!!!