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Smokey April 26, 2010

Baaalll…… Wheres the ball?

oh hi I’m Smokey… full name Captain Smokey Bojingles W.

I am a mini daushund and I love balls. Any kind of ball as long as I can pick it up in my mouth.

Tennis ball, soft ball, foot ball, soccer ball, base ball, basket ball, Do you have a ball?

cuz if you have a ball I will be your bestest friend.

I am 2 years old, wait…. was that a ball?

I am long and have short legs which helps me run really fast after that ball.

My favorite toyin the whole wide world is my squeaky ball with feet on it.

Enough talk I have to go and find those sneaky balls I know my humans hid them some where.


2 Responses to “Smokey”

  1. Mema Says:

    Smoky I hope you find the balls! I enjoy throwing it for you any time I am over so keep that in mind. Oh I know you will not forget as you have figured me out. 🙂

  2. Aunt Autumn Says:

    If you say that I’m your new best friend I will give you a ball..

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